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Important Election Information

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August 27, 2020

Important Election Information

On September 1st, the Wisconsin Elections Commission will be sending out a mailer to all registered voters. The mailer will contain information on how to vote and will include an absentee ballot application with a prepaid & pre-addressed return envelope to the Commission. You are NOT required to vote by mail, you can still vote in person if you so choose. The mailer is to inform voters of their options.

Please note, the clerk’s office has received multiple postcard type voter registration forms and absentee ballot requests. These postcards have been sent by third parties. We urge you to contact the clerk before sending the postcard in with your registration or absentee ballot requests. These postcards do not have the accurate Voter Declaration/Certification verbiage. They were mailed prior to a recent court ruling and election law change. You will be required to sign a new absentee ballot request with the correct verbiage. If you have already sent in a postcard, the Clerk has mailed you a corrected form for your signature. You must have photo ID on file or send in a copy with your application.

If you have any questions regarding the election, registration or voting by mail, please contact the Clerk-Treasurer, Christine Abell (608) 575-3097 or