First Responders

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The Village of Reeseville has Volunteer First Responders

The Lowell-Reeseville First Responders, are looking for Volunteers from the Community.

Who are the First Responders??

We are highly trained individuals through the State of Wisconsin.

We are the first faces you or your loved ones will see in an emergency.

We are the people of your community that will assist you with your emergency until the paramedics arrive.

We are trained to do the following but not limited to CPR, Administer Narcan, Oral Glucose, take Blood Sugar, take Vitals, Stabilize you if you’re in an accident, etc.…

This is just a small list of things we are trained to do.

We work very closely with Beaver Dam and Watertown paramedics.

Most importantly we are the group of people that care about our community.

To become a First Responder, it requires a semester long class through Moraine Park Tech College, continual training after you become a First Responder.

If you are not sure about becoming a First Responder, we do offer prior ride-along, to qualified individuals.

Please help your community!

Contact us at via email:

The First Responders do not transport patients, but have the Watertown Paramedics take you to the Watertown Hospital Emergency Room if you live within the Village Limits.
If you live outside the Village Limits, the Beaver Dam EMS will transport you to Beaver Dam Hospital Emergency Room.